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Nikolas Gleber grew up in third generation as son of a forester and conservationist family. After working in Bogotá, Perth and Paris, he lives and works as a strategisc conceptualist and conceptual artist in Berlin since 2000.

The core of his work is the constant attempt at rapprochement and the ambivalence of his biographical contrasts, a perceived incompatibility and gulf between nature and culture, familiar values and societies economic system. The individual, but also universal meaning and use of these terms is his recurring moment in their different interpretability.

NG is always looking at different aspects and applying different perspectives. These are partly tied to concrete materials and situations, but also find completely abstract, detached, diffuse starting points for reflection.

Core NG’s personal exploration is a harmonization through friction, for which he uses dogmas and symbols, but also uses subconscious triggers through optics, acoustics, haptics and olfaction in order to achieve a possible personal or universally valid visualization or dissolution of separating elements. Regression, original state, purity and inexperience are recurring intellectual games at the basis of his work.

His oeuvre does not exclude any medium as long as it is a means to an end. NG sees himself as a conceptualist who seeks to unite two worlds in this terminology: brand conceptualist and conceptual artist. His art works always have something advertising, catchy, just as his brands imitate art and use its mechanisms quite naturally, where conceptual aspects are on eylevel with economic ones.

Concept brands after the mechanisms of art/Performative brands

RedHead models
2005 – 2008
840 people worldwide
Casting agency and event platform for real redheads only. Photo series and performance events, but also real bookings.

Friendly Fur
2007 – today
Performance/photography/objects to wear/objects to live in/fragrance objects/fur on cashmere/oil on skin
Ethical and sustainable design brand and certification to real wild-ware fur.

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Conceptual Art

Rorschach Series
2004 – today

Rorschach was a psychoanalyst and created the inkblot images of the same name to explore the subconscious. Andy Warhol created a Rorschach series based on his misconception that those were patient-taken and that the test is not based on ten strictly prescribed forms. NG starts completely differently using the inkblot images as a tool and placeholder. He leads the viewer into his own reflection in direct dialogue with his individual creation.

With the wall objects, he almost imperceptibly breaks the symmetry by incorporating a third side, which is later removed. The break is imperceptible and the cause no longer exists, but the harmony is destroyed.

In the cabinets, he impales cut-out inkblot butterflies and exposes them to a voyeuristic audience, just as in today’s social media what is unknown to oneself is turned to the outside. Here, in his early works, NG far anticipates this drastic development.

His installation Family shows an arrangement of subconscious minds, as one knows it from family photographs on private living room tables, which also enter into an interaction with each new viewer in the relationship to each other. We leave behind and reflect behaviour, personality and mood everywhere – that’s what NG’s wall objects like the series of French fries paper bowls stand for.

Wall objects; acrylic on paper
42 x 29,5 cm (5 unique pieces)
65 x 50,5 cm (4 unique pieces)
70 x 50 cm (16 unique pieces)
100 x 70 cm (6 unique pieces)

Paintings; nail polish on photo paper
30 x 20 cm (12 unique pieces)
20 x 30 cm ( 9 unique pieces)

Cabinets; ink on architect paper, glass/mixed media
I 51 x 42 x 7 cm (red)
II 51 x 42 x 7 cm (blue)
III 51 x 42 x 7 cm (black)

Sculptures; ink on architect paper; wood
I 30 x 20 x 10 cm (red)
II 30 x 20 x 10 cm (blue)

Installation; ink on paper, wood frames series of unique pieces 60 x 45 x 22 cm
Consisting of 8 single objects:
1x (27×22,5), 2x (20×15), 2x (15×11), 3x (95×70) cm

„Fries Paper Bowl“
Series of unique pieces 20 x 12 x 4 cm

BlowUp Editorials
2010 – today

Photographers like Cecil Beaton and FC Gundlach blurred the lines between fashion photography and art. NG blurs the boundaries between product editorials and object art when he stages magazine spreads and enlarges them to oversize. Its double pages are applied three-dimensionally to Aludibond as corrugated and folded fine art prints with wear and tear, page number, product details and credit, creating a wall object.

The merging and tightrope walk from the highly ephemeral, fleeting editorial to the veritable objectivity as an iconic spatial sculpture sets a monument to photography. The stylistic device of editorial photography as material and source material for contemporary art is NG border-crosswalk and conciliation.

Wall objects; folded and rubbed fine art prints, corrugated on aluminum dibond
„22 – 23“ 172 x 124 x 3 cm
„24 – 25“ 171 x 125 x 3 cm
„26 – 27“ 181 x 125 x 3 cm

Commissioned work for friend or family editorials from 3 – 5 people // Price on request

Morph Objects
2008 – today

NG merges haptics and emotional primal values, and follows directly the core of his work: the approach, the overcoming and the agreement of supposedly incompatible states. Wood to fur, fur to stone, lightness to heaviness, flesh to wood. His works are massive in content, emotionally and physically. You don’t need a cognitively shaped understanding, but purely childlike feeling and new exploration. Unusual and yet harmonious, NG succeeds in an initial homogenization that can certainly be broken down into the nature and culture of his own biography.

Stone: Boulder, granite, marble
Wood: Yew wood (grows particularly slowly and is extremely hard/heavy with blood-like, reddish coloring)
Fur: German red fox (Vulpes vulpes), American raccoon (Proycon lotor)

Sculptures; Fur in Stone
I 29 x 24 x 23 cm (oval)
II 53 x 35 x 26 cm (boulder)
III 20 x 20 x 80 cm (steel)

Sculptures; Fur on Wood
I 51 x 35 x 24 cm (high fork)
II 66 x 50 x 14 cm (flat stump)
III 34 x 27 x 22 cm (round tree)
IV 35 x 32 x 27 cm (round tree) (sold)


Interaction + installation
NG is a border crosser and overcomer. Not only the dialogue is important to him, but also the interaction. In his interlations, he directly and inevitably triggers the viewer to actively participate and interact. The positions are fluid and immense in the difference in their effect and perception.

Ada*m & Eva*n: The neon light objects are two fig leaves and an apple, deliberately reminiscent of an advertising environment. The installation in a window or on a mirror challenges one to position oneself on the biblical motif and to choose one role or the other.

If you go into it, you unconsciously choose another meta-role: that of the self-sold goods. NG sees no trap or surprise in this, no grudging acceptance, but rather means acceptance, reconciliation and glorification of the same. He shows the reversal and canonization of the fluid individual with the freedom and satisfaction, even necessity to become a good with direct value-connotation.

„Ada*m & Eve*n“
wall object/installation; Neon light objects on mirror/glass
20,5 cm D + 20,5 cm D + 13 cm D

Edition of 5 unique pieces

The Pressed Works
2020 – today

Wall objects/sculptures

Consideration between scientific-documentary exhibits and the attempt at a visual-cultural, contemporary integration: NG picks up emotions from both sides, which are reminiscent of childhood, natural history museum, meadows and nature, but in their form and final pictorial language clearly take on graphic and urban rhythms.

The convergence of NG’s biographical responsibility and heritage of nature conservation are unmistakable, as is his philosophical and art historical character. Both together experience its critical inner debat in the cabinets and sculptures, the exhibits of NG’s Pressed Works.

Flower Cabinets
Flowers, pressed and laminated; glass box
I 49 x 43 x 5,5 cm
II 49 x 43 x 5,5 cm
III 49 x 43 x 5,5 cm
IV 49 x 43 x 5,5 cm
V 49 x 43 x 5,5 cm
VI 49 x 43 x 5,5 cm
VII 49 x 43 x 5,5 cm

Flower Sculptures // Price on request

“Stammtisch” Series

Beverage rims made on paper/photography

NG’s reflexion tells of doers and loudmouths in his examination of appearance and reality, different realities. In his self-perception, NG is fully involved as a doer, in which he never just says, but always does. There are no words like success and failure, career or failure, because for NG doing is already the state of fulfilment, in which the achievement has less importance.

The regulars’ table series now illuminates the possibility of not doing, of purely mental and verbal creativity, from which nothing remains but the thought, which may also fulfil? Big topics demand power!

In 2009, NG dedicated a small series printed, stamped and spilled with drinks to this kind of alcohol-fuelled, collective fervour in a bar.

„Stammtisch Olympiade“ (10 unique pieces) 29 x 25,5 cm
„Stammtisch Politik“ (10 unique pieces) 29 x 25.5 cm
„Stammtisch Kriegsstrategen“ (10 unique pieces) 29 x 25,5 cm
„Stammtisch Liebhaber“ (10 unique pieces) 29 x 25,5 cm

Fine Art Print, Edition of 10 100 x 70 cm
Fine Art Prints of the photographic Documentation of the Performances. 100 x 70 cm

Flip Book Series/Sequence Art
2010 – today


Flip book portraits
In his (commissioned) portraits, NG works on childhood memories of the first action/reaction of influencing. Playing a flip book, a story told with your thumb causing movement in your hands. In this very intimate series of works, NG specifically selects this medium, this technique for portraits, in which he invites the person portrayed to perform his or her typical movement from the frontal view. A secrecy and blurring develops on the following pages, which only those who take the portrait off the wall or out of the display case will experience.

Commissioned work/portrait photo objects
29 x 21 x 1 cm (40 motives-sequence)

„Max“ Edition of 20
10 x 5 x 1 cm (40 motives-sequence)

<strong>Soap Bubbles Sequence</strong>

When you grow out of the state you were born in and into the one you longed for, visions and dreams are at the beginning that pull you. NG finds soap bubbles as the purest representation of these dreams and visions. NG does not draw the dreams themselves in the soap bubbles, but uses them as an enticing vision to the next place. In his works in this series, bursting does not stand for disappointment, but for awakening, arriving and the beginning of the experience in the here and now.

NG deliberately chooses the direction from the stage to the audience and not the other way around. Creation happens and carries itself into society. Both the corridor image sequence and the spatial sculpture are created as a continuous loop in which you can see the soap bubbles flying and bursting as you walk along the corridor or around the installation. The sequence only comes to life through your own movement. If you stop, the sequence doesn’t reveal its dynamic either.

<strong>“Seifenblasen 1”</strong>
Fine Art Print Sequence on Aluminum dibond 12 pieces á [70 x 45 cm]

<strong>“Seifenblasen 2”</strong>
Room object/installation 200 x 150 x 30 cm
consisting of 12 double-sided parts each [30 x 20 cm]

Fine art print sequence on Aludibond
behind double-sided Plexiglas; wooden stele