ENGEE Strategic Conception

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NG is an experienced concept service for brand creation, start-up profiling, product development, as well as further brand measures with all their brand tools.

NG is your tailor-made sparring partner with international expertise for strategic creation for its clientele since 2000. As a team with a network, NG will guide you personally, competently and cost-effectively to your goal.

Competence clusters are lifestyle, ethics and sustainability in direct local and/or international economic context.

Concept Service

As a conceptualist, NG creates the basis and strong foundations for your brand idea. Of course, NG also sees itself in its function as a conceptual designer and strategic planner in the expansion and further development of your company. NG treats the brand strategically and creatively in terms of identity, story, wording and image, but also service, product and event. Polymaths like Archimedes, Galileo Galilei or Da Vinci, who perfect the details holistically and with an eye for the big, are motivating figures at NG. In the best case, NG achieves a general validity with its concept for you and your request, which is a strong and long-lasting successful model.

Brand Creation

Now more than ever, creating and establishing a brand means telling an inspiring story. Ethical standards, sustainability and fairness are NG’s principles and, in our opinion, no longer sufficient for a unique selling point alone. When it comes to brand creation, NG focusses on these essentials, but we’re doing our best to together peel out a broad range of further value propositions. Expertise and courage are both reasonable ingredients for success.

Start-Up Profile

Reinventing the wheel is not often the case. Here NG comes up with strong added value and unique selling propositions, as well as a truly good story accompanying an innovative product in the broadest sense. Giving the extra sparkle.

Product Development

A brand analysis with NG derives possible products: interdisciplinary, out-of-the-box or as the harmonious next step: service, event, object or media – all this are product groups in which we think and know how. Perfume for your Travel Business? Dog Walking Service for your Real Estate Project? A miniseries as merch for your podcast? The runway show party earning some extra to your hair products while advertising? Let us go wild for serious business filling precious gaps.

Brand Measures

NG analyses the brand and the market so to derive actions based upon the results. A cost-benefit evaluation helps to set priorities and define goals. Refreshment or reorientation of the corporate identity, product development, creation of campaigns or cooperation, as well as the decoupling of sub-brands, to offer just a few.

Brand Tools

Production Wizard NG produces with great crafty routine and unorthodox creativity.

  • Logos, texts and claims
  • Campaign images, look books and pack shots
  • Music, jingles and announcers, as well as entire audio blogs
  • Signature fragrance for brand or product, event or business
  • Insta clips, commercials, image films and brand presentations
  • Exhibition and presentation dummies
  • Exhibitions, runway shows and other events

Sparring Partners

Brand creation is not being put on by a one-man-show, but together with you, the client. For efficient and competent sparring, NG brings in its multi-person expertise and experience. Sparring describes the attentive interplay of ideas and information ping-ponging until the best result possible. NG’s years of international expertise in standards and opportunities will give your vision a good start, but also a long, successful and happy brand-life.

International Expertise

German companies with an international focus as well as foreign companies are on NG’s customer list. We are happy to speak English, French, Spanish and German, Chinese and Russian for you inhouse – the rest can be arranged, danced or sung. Having lived abroad for work and studies unclose lasting and exclusive insights into the respective local zeitgeist, as well as the sensitivity for market peculiarities.

Strategic Creation

Strategy and creativity go hand in hand at NG. A conception of ours has both brains and looks to stand a chance as a holistic concept. The beauty is that NG can develop on the point in close collaboration with you, whereas a multi-departmental agency faces internal communication hurdles losing focus and bliss. Strategic creation delivers the holistic conception, which is best when made in one piece. The closer the sparring and the more direct the cooperation in all steps, the more accurate the result. NG can do that.


Swatch, Transport For London, Authentic Styles, Universal, Jagd&Hund, Camel, Esprit, Homecenter Management, Fleurop, E-Entertainment, Sat1, Coration, Sergej, Lab44, Mark Buxton Perfumes, Friendly Fur, Dortmunder Westfahlenhallen, RedHead-Models, Wildgold, T-Com, Audi, Weitklick, dm, Markenreise, ID Media, dreinull, Meda Pharma, Becks Incoming, Omega, Sailor&Brides, Weingut Beck, ZDF, Foreign Office, Barbers Brunch, Care Data, Messe Dortmund, TUI Cruises, 030, MODEM, CESA… to name just a few since 2002.


The team designates a selected, small basic group of freelancers with whom we have been working for a long time. Programming, SEO, SEA, graphics, text, translation tuning, olfactory, IT, social media, stage construction, costume, photo, video, guest lists and animation.


Being internationally and consistently working since 2000, as well as being affable by nature, competent and obliging in several languages, then an almost inexhaustible and quite dense network forms quite naturally. You benefit from this with NG with the effect of efficiency and more options, where others first have to research and build trust at possibly worse conditions afterwards.
Entomology, Psychological Advisory Council, Medical Association, Ukraine, Latin Americas, Australia, Nordics, Diplomacy, Nobility, Olympic Committee – precious access for rare insights that might deliver the lead inspiration, the better deal or the vital added value.

Price Efficiency

  • Flat-rate conceptual design measured in terms of effort and benefit
  • Development, support and production monitoring on a defined daily basis within a monthly fee
  • External services are passed on with a handling fee
  • In-house productions are offered in advance and billed separately
  • Travel costs and expenses are passed on

Competence Cluster

This is how we as NG understand the field of existing expertise, in which we have been familiar with many customers and project years. Lifestyle, ethics and sustainability are the areas in which NG has been active for years and has acquired a sometimes-exclusive wealth of knowledge and flair that goes beyond the norm. Analysis from Big Data and a highly empathetic competence in interpretation give foresight and reveal the future to NG.


Society topics in connection with consumption in the specific fields of

  • Wellness/Wellbeing
  • Sports
  • Fashion
  • Gastronomy/Food & Beverage
  • Travelling
  • Entertainment
  • Living


Fairness and responsibility, respect and philanthropic values – concerns of our time and tasks of contemporary brands and products. Unfortunately, these approaches are far from being broadly applied. At NG lived reality since 2000.


The human being as part of nature in position and responsibility are the starting point of our thinking. NG accepts the responsibility to provide you with solutions that are sustainably good in terms of a long-lasting brand, but also sustainably good in terms of nature and environmental compatibility.

Nature at a glance: Biodiversity, CO2 reduction, wood-free communication, clean seas and rivers, energy efficiency and mixed cultures.
Brand in sight: internationality, declinability, crisis-proof, universally applicable, simple, rich in content, lovable